Magnetic valve

The magnetic coil consists of a heat resistant plastic coil body with a winding of insulated copper wire. Except for the contacting area, coil, magnetic circuit, terminal and ground tang are entirely covered with a plastic material. This ensures the necessary shock protection after installing a suitable connector according to VDE. An increased IP-protection can be achieved by appropriate application of seals (O-rings).

Armature system

Armature and magnetic core are made out of chromium nickel steel specially refined for magnetic use, which is largely rust-and acid-resistant. The armature slides in a brass armature channel. The pairing of these two materials leads to a very long service life. The sealing inserts of the armatures (apart from the special designs that are used on customer’s request) are made out of the heat-acid-resistant and wear-resistant material FPM.

Mounting the magnetic coils to the armature system

The coil is mounted on the armature system and held in place with a locking nut which has vent protection. This type of attachment prevents impermissible material stress on the armature channel, which could occur by applying an excessive torque when tightening the nut. The fastening nut is locked in place by its flexible plastic material (polyamide) as well as cams on the coil which snap into respective notches in the nut. The armature system can be fitted to the bottom of the valve body either with screws (flange type) or an integrated screw thread. For use in extreme humid environments we provide O-rings which, combined with the knurled nut, guarantee a reliable seal.